On the 28th of May it’s time to take shelter from the madness going around in the world today. Take refuge in De Loods, our bunker at the Neutronstraat 3. We will provide you a safe space, but only if you can handle it!

This is BNKR, a musical journey through the industrial realms of techno, hardtechno, drum&bass and hardcore. We are beyond proud to present to you our armed guards that will keep you safe during this 8 hour ride.

C-Netik (Yellow Stripe, PT)
Igneon System (Heresy, BE) 
Thrasher (PRSPCT, NL)
Daniela Haverbeck (CHI) 
Cancel (BE) 
Adamant Scream (NL)
Viciouz (DE) 
Deets (NL) 

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Event Details

Date: 28 mei 2022

Start time: 22:00 CEST

End time: 06:00 CEST

Venue: De Loods